Nodak Speedway Rules

Flagging Procedures
1. The pole sitter will set the pace for the start of the race provided he/she sets a reasonable starting
2. The main concern of the flagman at the start of a race will be to have a fair start. The speed of the
start will be a second concern. The race will start by the flagman.
3. If any car jumps the start, that car will be sent to the rear of the field and will be credited with their
first yellow flag.
4. When the green flag is displayed, the race has begun for everyone.
5. After two (2) yellows at the start of the race, the race will start in single file formation.
6. Any car that spins, on or off the racing surface, will be given adequate time to restart and remain in
the race (No quick yellows).
7. First yellow - car goes to the back of the pack, second yellow - car goes to the pits.
8. Cars will line up in the pits before each race.
9. Pitting of any kind under a yellow flag condition will result in the car going tail end. When the yellow
light goes out, you will not be allowed to re-enter the race.
10. Restarts on cautions are side by side with the leader of the race having the front row. This means
that the leader is the only car in the front row and the leader has the option of starting in either the
inside or outside line. Second place car has the choice of inside or outside the second row and third
positions will line up in the opposite line. Third row and back line up even numbered positions are on
the inside line and odd numbered positions are on the outside line.

These flagging procedures are part of and in addition to the racing procedures and safety regulations
set forth.

Safety Regulations
1. Pit area parking will be restricted to race cars, one (1) tow vehicle per car, wreckers, ambulance,
fire trucks and club vehicles.
2. The flagman may stop a car during a race for safety repairs if necessary.
3. No one is allowed to drive a modified under 16 years of age. No one is allowed to drive without a
valid driver’s license or based on any stipulations put on by our insurance company. Anyone under
the age of 18 must sign the proper insurance waiver.
4. Firesuits are mandatory for all classes and are required to be worn at all times when on the track. All
suits must be in good condition with no holes or tears.
5. Helmets, seat belts, shoulder harnesses, gloves, neck braces and face shields are required and
must be worn at all times on the race track in all classes.
6. Each car must have a working fire extinguisher in the tow vehicle/trailer. This will be checked at the
gate prior to entering the facility.
7. No alcoholic beverages are to be opened prior to the drop of the last checkered flag of the night.
8. Shirts must be worn at all times in the pit area. This rule includes all persons who are in the pit area.
9. Any disturbance in the pit area may result in suspension. The DRIVER is responsible for the conduct
of his/her pit crew.
10. Jack stands must be used whenever work is performed under car.
11. Only one sport vehicle (ATV, golf cart, scooter or cycle) allowed per race car.  Sport vehicles must
display race car number.  All sport vehicles must remain inside of area controlled by Nodak Race Club.  
All movement of sport vehicles outside of the individuals immediate pit area will cease 30 minutes
after the completion of the last feature.
12. No pit crew members are allowed on the racing surface at any time during the race.

Failure to follow these safety rules may result in driver disqualification.

Race Procedures
1. All cars have five (5) minutes to report to the track for packing when notified. NO EXCEPTIONS! The
order of packing will be as follows: IMCA Hobby Stocks, IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Modifieds. All cars
must pack when called upon.
2. Prior to each race the race officials shall conduct a drivers meeting for the interpretation of the
rules and any specific regulations applying to that race. All drivers and pitmen are required to attend
and will be held responsible for the matters discussed at the drivers meetings as if they had been
3. Cars will be lined up in the pits before each event (race). When the one lap to go signal is given the
race track will be closed and no one will be allowed to enter the upcoming race.
4. There will be no less than five (5) cars per race. The number of cars in a heat will be determined by
the race officials.
5. The Pit Steward or Lap Counters may change the line-up if necessary.
6. Racing before the green flag will result in disqualification at the flagman's discretion.
7. Any car who's speed is greatly less than the others competing may be considered by track officials a
safety hazard and may be removed from the racing surface.
8. All on track incidents are subject to the flagman's discretion as to the realignment of the cars.  Cars
that complete a green flag lap before the caution flag will be given credit for that lap.  Cars that do not
cross the flag stand prior to the caution will be aligned according to the last completed lap.  All cars
will remain on the lead lap.
9. The flagman and race officials have the right to disqualify anyone for an event or for the rest of the
nights racing for misconduct or not complying with the rules.
10. Any car disregarding a black flag will be disqualified for the remainder of the nights events and
may be subject to suspension.
11. If any car and driver are disqualified, other than for mechanical reasons, the car will start the
remainder of the programs events at the rear of the pack. If a driver is disqualified twice, the car and
driver will be out for the remainder of the programs events.
12. The flagman is in complete control during the race and may disqualify or reposition any cars at his
discretion. Calls which involve the exercise of judgment on the part of the flagman are final and
13. If a race is stopped before its completion, the payoff will be based on the last completed lap. The
feature must be half completed to be considered a complete race. The scheduled number of laps will
be ran unless the drivers are notified prior to the race, unless under dangerous conditions or at the
flagman's discretion. A time limit will be used on all races in all classes.
14. All cars must take the green flag for the A-Main to qualify for points and payoff. Re-entering the
race is allowed if a green flag has not been missed.  A car re-entering the race in an unsafe manner
will be disqualified for that event.
15. Points go to the driver.
16. When weigh-in are in effect, the top 5 in the heat races and the top 8 in the features must weigh.
Everyone must weigh on the same scale so be sure to check your weight on the scale prior to racing.
17. For claiming/protesting procedures, see each classes rule book.
18. The Board of Directors reserves the right, in an emergency, to make special rulings which it deems
to be conducive to the well being of race competition and the voluntary participation of any
competitor in the competition shall constitute recognition of this right. The Board of Directors also
reserves the right to revise these procedures or any supplements thereto at any time.
19. Any person violating any rules or procedures may be penalized by the Board of Directors. Penalties
may include laps, positions, disqualification, exclusion, suspensions, fines or loss of points and payoff.
20. Every person or groups of persons who undertake participation in race competition shall be
deemed acquainted with these procedures and his or her application shall constitute acceptance of
21. The flagman is in charge of all race cars on the track. The Pit Steward is in charge of all pit

Thank You,
The Nodak Board of Directors
Revised and approved May 10, 2011
The 2011 rules below were posted
as of 5/18/11: