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General Meeting Minutes 2-12-17

Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2017 General Members Meeting
Location: NDSF Center
Attendance: See sign in sheet.
Brandon Beeter called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm.
Deb Chapman made a motion to approve the October 23,2016 general members meeting minutes.
Betty Nordstrom seconded. It was approved.
State of the Track. Last year we broke even. There was no upgrading done. We have one tractor that the
motor is bad in it. We are trying to get the track to 2 lanes of racing again. We are looking at getting Stay
Wet or something similar for the track. Wes has resigned and Jeff has resigned also. We need a blade
operator this year. Brandon is talking to a couple of people. Jeff was a huge asset working on equipment
for us.
We are trying a new class the Sport Compacts. They are inexpensive. There are 2 right now.
Speednet is changing. They got bought out by Myracepass.com. In the new system the drivers set up
their own profiles. Brandon looked at it and it was confusing. We are looking at other options. Nothing
has been decided yet. This has nothing to do with transponders or scoring. That is all the same. The line
up base system is what is changing. We are going to run a couple of trophy class or pitmen races. The
first night of Memorial weekend and Motor Magic. The rules are on the table. All cars will race in one
group. We don’t want experienced drivers in it. They are just racing for a trophy. No money is involved
in it. It will help get new people involved in it. They do it at other tracks and it’s a huge success. We are
trying it. Will we drop a class when the sport compacts race? No we will race 5 classes. No decision on
when running slingshots yet. They don’t take up extra time since they are run inside the track.
Financial Report. Deb has profit and loss sheets if anyone would like to see them. We have about
$48,518 in the bank. There is no money in from this weekend yet. The bills and taxes up to now are paid.
Welcome Adam Dyess as the new Marketing Director. He has lots of experience in selling advertising. He
is trying to get to know everyone. Say Hi to Adam.
2017 Track Rules.We have changed the hot pit rule a little bit. The 2 minutes rule is back. If there is a
multiple car pile up then if its fixable we will give you time to work on it. If the first person goes in to
change a flat the clock will start. If someone else goes in shortly after the first person then the first
person will get a little extra time. If you go in after those two have exited then there will be no 2 minute
rule. If you have a solo spin you will get a 2 minute clock. If you didn’t take the time to go in earlier in the
caution then you won’t get a 2 minute clock. You will have 1 opportunity to go in. If you weren’t
involved then you may not get the 2 minutes. We added to number 18 about the breathalyzer. We can
random test at any time. That was added as well. We started a 0 tolerance policy last year. If you refuse
you are disqualified. Is it just one night? It will be discussed at the next board meeting. Time limit rule
was added to also. Each race will have one opportunity for a green/white/checker. An example is a 20
minute race if it has 5 cautions and each time someone goes in for 2 minutes that will impact how long
you actually get to race. The only time the clock stops is during multiple car pile ups. The clock is always
going otherwise. Tom Henderson made a motion to approve the track rules. Brock Beeter seconded. It
was approved.
Pit Stalls. You can renew them now. We wanted to remind everyone that it is 1 car per pit stall. It will be
enforced. It makes a crunch for everyone around you when you try to fit extra cars in.
Lindsay Lawson asked about the start time. We are starting at 6pm in May and 7 pm after that. We are
hopeful for a better track by doing that. Several people spoke up about going 6 pm all summer long. Are
we really gaining anything will going at 7 pm? Attendance has gone down over the years. What did the
pole state? It was split down the middle. Maybe we could do 6:30. Is 2 different times hard on fans? We
are trying to get kids more involved is 7 pm too late? Lots of people don’t keep their kids out that late.
We need to take kids into consideration. After 9:30 the grandstand always starts emptying. All other
sporting events start at 7 or 7:30 pm. Sunday is the key. Why is car count down and why is fan count
down. Is the start time a factor? We don’t know for sure. We need to figure out how to stop it so we
aren’t dead in a few years. The break even point for the fans is 850-900. About 650 of that is family. We
need to get more of the non-family fans there. Selling advertising is easier with 1200 fans vs 900. Is the
start time the issue or is it something else? Maybe the dust. That was the big concern last year. If we
start later there is no time to fix the track. If we start earlier it gives us some time to work with. Wayne
Johnson made a motion to start at 6:00 pm all summer long. Seconded by Alan Bertsch. Member’s only
can vote. Brandon said he has been reading through our by-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order and
doesn’t see where the general members can make a motion. They can make a resolution and the board
will take it into consideration. We will take a straw pole and vote on it and the board will take it into
consideration. Its nice to start earlier if we have a bad track with 3 reds we have some leeway. Rick
Vondal said there were only 3 voting board members at the general members meeting. We still have an
open position if anyone wants to run. The board can appoint someone to the position.
Facebook. Ron Huettl said Nodak gets beat up for 5 days because we are the last to race during the
weekend. There is a new IMCA rule about social media. Its better if they come to a board meeting with
complaints. Fans can see it on when its posted there also. Adam is checking on the reviews and seeing if
he can move them around.
We have a bigger meeting room at the Holiday Inn.
Kids day will be Saturday, April 29th at HighAir Ground.
We are bringing the mall show back. It will be April 19-22. We aren’t really limited on cars. They will fit
us in all over the mall. Wednesday morning is when the cars will go in. It does cost us to have the cars in
the mall. It is good to be in the mall.
Steve Pierce is concerned about helmets. If they are cracked then you need a new one. If it’s a 2005 or
later then you will need to upgrade. The inspections are for your safety. Fire Extinguishers are required
for all trailers. Rick Rodman will be doing inspections to make sure they are in all trailers. The Fire
Extinguisher is willing to set up at the pit gate and get them recertified.
Pit Stalls need to be paid by opening night.
Dale said we have 2 shows before the races start. Kids day and the mall show. We need cars there.
Betty Nordstrom said pickup your driver profile sheets now and get them filled out.
Drawing for door prizes. Jason Olson, Robert Stenvold, Scott Joern, Steven Pfeifer.
Fair. We will be there with the Enduro and Tuesday night is a Truck and Tractor pull. With the banked
straightaway how is it going to work? Already wondering about it. We have nothing to do with it. Fair
Enduro will keep the same way as always. The Enduro rules are vague and there are a lot of gray areas.
What about making them have transponders? We could make they buy them. We don’t put the loop
back in for the fair. It could be added. They could use them at all tracks. We would get extra money from
the lap counters. They would no longer get in for free. Transponders may drop down the numbers.
Social Media. IMCA has a new rule. There is also no communication between pit guys and drivers. No
instruments or objects are allowed to be used. We need to keep the people in the hot pit area back.
They have to stay in a certain area.
Betty Nordstrom made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Steve Pierce seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 2:06 pm.