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Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2018 Board Meeting Sleep Inn
Present: Bob, Jami, Dale, Brandon, Stu, Adam, Robby
Guests: Val Horner, Ron Huettl
Brandon called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.
Dale made a motion to approve the March 12, 2018 meeting minutes. Stu seconded. It was approved.
Enduro contract is signed for the State Fair. Nothing changed. The same guys are doing the truck and
tractor pull.

Accountant. Lyle will put up with our version. We don’t want him to switch to the desk top version. He
could do payroll on his own though. It will still need to be put into Quickbooks. Bob would like to do
something. It took him and his sister 4 hours to reconcile the checkbook. If we switch we should do it
now. There were things duplicated in there also. Deb had some things happen when she started doing it
also. He puts things in as an educated guess. That scares Ron. If you have questions ask Ron. Check out
last years if there are questions. Lyle will work with online stuff. We can give him accountant access. He
is already hired as an accountant. He needs less hours in it though or we will go broke otherwise. Try to
transfer it to someone else in a year and half will be a challenge. We have hired him. Dale made a
motion to give Lyle all the rights in Quickbooks. Bob seconded. It was approved.

Booster Night. Bob said full booster night. Dale said full also. Bob spoke with a couple of people who are
all for it. They need to understand where we are coming from. Mandan does a half booster the first
night. What about the Sport Compacts? They don’t race the first night. Do we want to do it the first
night or the first night you showed up? What about having each class on their own night? Robby says
just do the first night we race. What happens if the first night is the Sunday of Memorial Day? We have
to pay the Tougher then Dirt Tour. Bob made a motion to do a Full Booster night the first full points
night of racing. Whatever night that may be. Jami seconded. How do we promote it? Do we put it on
the schedule? Post on Facebook? No the bashing will start right away then. We can post it the week
before it happens. Motion carried 3-1. 1 did not vote. We can say it at the pit meeting also.
Insurance. Kristy gives quotes. We have done other insurance before. Robby and Brandon are talking to

DarnTV replay. There is a business out there that may be interested in having a replay night at their
business. Their logo would be on it. How much are we willing to sell this for? 15% back to Nodak? Do we
want a monthly price? $3,000 all year long? $200 one time use? $700 a month? They could buy a week
or the whole season? You could eat/drink at this place and watch the races from Sunday. We aren’t
doing anything with it anyway. It could get popular. They might be able to commit to a percent then a
set amount. We can promote that? We need to start there. Why would others do it? They see
someone’s name there and want their name there. The clips on Monday could have the sponsor from
the weekend. We could say its coming out Tuesday night at the Landing for example about the replay.
Highlights on Monday with the nightly sponsor. They will promote it and we need to also. Racers may
go. We could hand out kids tickets/ hero cards there. Race cars could be there also. 15% goes to Nodak
or $200 a night. Discuss with them what thinking. 15% is a good deal. Other places have used it. Or go a certain number?

$300 per night. Or so much for the month or year. $3000 for the year? $1000 a month?
We can work out double headers also.

Tim Snyder. The memorial started to cover final expenses. We have done $50-100 in the past on
flowers. He raced here for quite a few years. Stu made a motion to send a check of $100 to the Tim
Snyder funeral. Seconded by Robby it was approved.
Trophies. What doing? Plaques or not? Brandon was ok with them. Stu would like different wood. Ok
with going with it? Yes we are ok.
Volunteer shirts. Robby found some we could get for a one time set up fee of $30-35. And they will be
$25 a piece. It will take 5-6 weeks for them. They would say official on the back and Velocita and we can
do whatever we want on the front. We don’t have enough IMCA shrits. We can buy more. Adam is going
to see what price they are. We could make it a sponsorship deal. We get 6 free ones from IMCA. IMCA
shirts are $40 a piece. When we are broke matching shirts doesn’t do much. How many additional ones
do we need? Stick with IMCA deal.

Marketing. WGO and Adam spoke about retiring Speedbump and changing the mascot. We would
decide mascot and they would pay for it, Mobile 1. Maybe they would do the official shirts. $500 isn’t
enough for the Mascot. If the Landing does a night for $3,000 and someone else does the mascot for
$500. It doesn’t work. Who will be the mascot? Nothing with a tail Stu said. Suit is wore out and the
head is trashed. Its 27 years old. Need more then $500 to change it. Something nice is about $8,000.
Who is going to be in it? There is a girl who may be interested in it. Would like a commitment from her.
Put word out looking for someone. We could roll out at Wild about Wheels. Stu had an idea for Randy
the Racing Ram. That’s not enough money. Maybe if they were providing the person to do it.
Simes 250 posters were $380 and 2,500 pocket schedules for $495. We can do 1,000 pocket ones for
$425. He is checking into other prices also. Adam is going through Vista Print for the season passes.
Bowling Alley fund raiser. Do we want to post on Facebook? Yes. Its April 23, 2018 from 5-9. Bowling
alley does post it as well. They are working on the Marketing Partners. He is still talking to the radio and

Larry met with Brandon about dirt weekly.
Financials. Bills. IMCA $535 (licenses), Tim Snyder memorial $100, Motor Magic $300 (t-shirts), Wissota
$520 (late model sanctioning fees). Robby made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Bob. It was
Dale made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Jami.
Meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm.
Next meeting will be Monday, March 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Sleep Inn.