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2-10-19 General Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2019 General Member Meeting Minutes
Location: NDSF Center
Attendance: See sign in sheet.
Brandon Beeter called the meeting to order at 1:01 pm.
Tom Henderson made a motion to approve the October 21, 2018 meeting minutes. Isaac Sondrol
seconded. It was approved.
Yearbook. Bonnie Joern and Celeste Simmons have taken over the yearbook. They would like to have it
done by June. They have driver profile sheets that need to be filled out as soon as possible. There is an
email address at the bottom that works also. They will not babysit everyone. If it’s not in by the deadline
you will NOT be in the yearbook. They are talking to Neiss about it also. Everything needs to be in by
May 7th. That is the deadline. If you want to be in there get it to them. Kids like the driver information.
Fill out the sheet and get it to them. They will take pictures the first 2 weeks. Any questions see them.
Financial Report. Bob Fuegmann has a profit and loss sheet if anyone would like to see it for last year.
We made $10,000 last year. We have about $28,000 in the bank as of right now. Anyone can look at it if
they would like to. We had a better year than the year before. We are still planning a booster night the
first night.
State of the Track. It is there. If we would have had a better year we would have looked into some more
equipment. We would like to get another tractor and possibly another cultivator. We had more moisture
in the track and it was better racing last year. The crowds were up from previous years also. NLRA is
coming up again this year. We have a much better way to track attendance now. It is giving us more
accurate numbers this way. We are not racing Memorial Day. There is no one in the stands. We lose
money that day.
The Outlaws are NOT coming. It’s not profitable for SLS Promotions. The Fair spoke with Brandon about
cutting out SLS and just bringing up the Outlaws on our own. Maybe in 2020 but not for 2019. We do
make money on them but it’s a lot of work. August 11th there is a motor home convention up here so
there are NO races that weekend.
State Fair Enduro. We are running 2 Enduro’s during the Fair. The first one will be a regular one on
Monday night of the Fair and the other will be an Outlaw Enduro on Tuesday night of the Fair. The Fair
wanted 2 of them. They are giving us money for the purse also. We need to make rules for the Outlaw
Enduro also. There is an option that the top 10 from Monday nights Enduro get free entry into night 2.
They would have to use the same car. It might hurt the Fair attendance with 2 Enduro’s.
Equipment. We need a maintenance guy BAD. We need someone to fix the tractor and grease the
equipment. We need someone who doesn’t need any babysitting. We need way more volunteers. We
need more help from the general members. Brothers Construction did not get paid last year. They are
feeling that we take them for granted. They do a lot of work for us every summer and they don’t usually
ask for any money. Last year they did present us with a bill. They could have always charged us before
but they didn’t. They aren’t asking for anything. They just want us to see what they are worth. Brock
Beeter says he loses work during the fair. He is always available for Nodak. He came down on Friday and
moved snow so we could get to the souvenir trailer. They will always do it and they aren’t asking for

anything. Brandon has a new job also with lots of hours. He can’t be at the track every night this
Tauros. Nodak night is March 30th with the Tauros. They are doing a deal for drivers. Its $400 and the
driver will get 3 jerseys, 10 drink tickets and 10 flex tickets. The jerseys will follow the theme on the race
cars. The players will wear those jerseys that weekend and they will be auctioned off after the game on
Saturday. We need 25 drivers. If you are interested let us know. We need to know by Friday February
15th. They want to do sled hockey before the game also. It will be drivers vs the prairie grit people. It will
give Nodak a ton of exposure. It isn’t costing Nodak anything to do it. We can have cars out front of the
Maysa that day also. They got everything cleared through the league. They will work with anything for
the jersey’s. We have 17 drivers lined up so far. Money will go to the Tauros.
Open position. The secretary position is still open. Today is Jami’s last day. We need a volunteer to step
up for it. Do we need to become a promotor ran track? The pit fees will go up then. No one has time to
help anymore. Do we need to have planning meetings? How do we want to move forward? We know
the people here care. It’s the same people at every meeting though.
Volunteers. We aren’t paying the track crew right now. We tried to cut back last year on paying and no
one showed up. We had dedicated people years ago but we don’t have them anymore. There aren’t
many drivers/pit men that help out. They are always invited to help out. We won’t be a club anymore if
we go to a promotor. The state is losing tracks because there aren’t any volunteers anymore.
We are fighting to get one board member to step up. We already cut the board down from 9. Can a
promotor make any money if they don’t get concessions in Minot? That may not be a big deal. The rent
is reasonable here. We won’t get any concession money from the Fair.
Memberships/Pit Fees. Do we want to raise the membership fees? We need to increase the revenue in
some way. The quickest would be to raise the pit fees. The payouts are better at Nodak then at some
places. Should we change it so we don’t honor memberships from other tracks? Some memberships are
$10. Drivers don’t bring a lot of pitmen with them anymore. Then the back gate doesn’t cover the purse.
Do we want to charge a car registration fee? We could do it once a year or weekly? Who would keep
track of it? People are going to bitch no matter what we do. We are planning on doing a booster night
again this year. We made about $20,000 from that night last year. It will be opening night only. There
was only a 2-car difference from opening night 2017 and 2018. We are in favor of $30 with
memberships and $40 without. Wondering if other memberships count? Yes, they do. What about
changing membership prices to go with each class? No, that is too hard. Every class puts people in the
stands. If we had more people in the stands than the pit gate could be cheaper. How do we get people
in the stands? Word of mouth is big here. Fighting on the front straightaway helps also.
Last year we had pit men on the track. We are bringing back the breathalyzer. It will be used on drivers
and pit men. Everyone in the pits is subject to it. Northern Testing is willing to help us out also. If they
are caught drinking then they have to go to the stands. We can’t risk it with insurance. It is stated in the
rules that we have a 0-tolerance policy. And don’t get out of the car on the track.
We talked about running championship night on July 4th and then doing specials after the 4th. We would
do a short season and then a couple of specials. We would race everyone every night up to July 4th. July
th is one of our biggest night’s attendance wise. We have the Late Models coming August 4th . Then we

could do a fender special and an open wheel special. Would they be non-sanctioned? IMCA rules?
Maybe we could have drivers try out other cars if they wanted to. We haven’t allowed that at Motor
Magic in the past.
Do we race too much? There are too many tracks racing in the area. May and June are ok but it’s always
bad after the fair money wise. We could make the last night in June championship night? That would be
a great money maker.
If we give up a weekend will the Fair come in and take that weekend and put in a concert or something
else? We aren’t giving up any weekends. We would figure out some specials to do in August. Who is
going to put up the money for the specials? We would find it. We are not opening weekends right now.
We rotated classes last year so everyone gets a night off. Sponsors are getting harder to find. They
aren’t seeing any benefit from us. Drivers need to support the sponsors. XpressMart is a sponsor. Kum &
Go isn’t.
Adam lowered the price of sponsorships. He is trying to make it more affordable for businesses. He is
looking at making a highlight video to help sell sponsorships also. That would be something tangible he
could show a business.
Do we want to wrap the wreckers with sponsorship information? No not at this time. Are the drivers
supporting local? Support local to help keep those people in business. Local businesses are trying to
keep the prices down. If they can’t make money they won’t make it.
Yes, we are doing the dash for cashes for all classes again. Mods are the only issue class. Do we want to
run them in the middle of the show? That is how they use to do them. Maybe do them in August? That
may be more enticing that way. Maybe we should change it up and do pit stops in front of the
grandstand. The show is getting too long now. We need to find a balance. Cutting classes helped. No
one has a very long attention span anymore.
Practices. Were they liked? Some were there. We were hard up to find help for the practices. There was
no one in August to prep the track and that is why there wasn’t one in August. We wanted to do them.
Participation went down as the summer went. 2017 was way better than 2018. Maybe do just one in
June. What about before the Tougher then Dirt Tour? That would mean race Sunday prep track for
practice on Tuesday and race again Sunday while the tour is going on. Everyone who normally works on
track is gone that week. The blade guy would like to get paid this year. We have to start paying people
now. How much is he worth? $20 an hour? $50 an hour and he finds his own crew that he can rely on?
Maybe we do a flat rate per week like $500. It was $300 a week in the past. The crew would keep track
of their hours. We are happy with the flat rate. Will it eat up the pit fee increase? Yes, but it’s worth it. It
would be money well spent. Mike Schmaltz did the track after July 4th and it was a good track. He did
what he’s told and he doesn’t need babysitting. The dust was better also. We replaced shanks and tips
on the cultivator also. If we added an extra tractor and cultivator that may cut the show down a bit. Can
we go to Gooseneck or Magic City Implement and ask for tips and shanks? They don’t have that stuff on
hand anymore. We could talk to farmers about it. We will need help with equipment before the season
starts. If people knew a day maybe they would help. We don’t usually get help when we ask for it. We
need to add dirt to turn 3. There is a spot where gravel is coming through. We added dirt all summer
and it keeps coming out.

Board will look into raising the pit fees and look into the schedule for the 2019 season. We will look at
ideas from the general members. Some don’t want to see the season shortened. If we cut the season
down will the championship night draw a crowd? We may get more cars to come that way? Race for a
championship earlier in the season would maybe get more cars to come? We are taking everything into
Pit Stalls. Robby is in charge of them. There will be a deadline that they have to be paid by. Jenny can
take money also. Rules stated that the furthest back stalls will get first choice to move forward. Do we
want to raise the price of the pit stalls? We are not auctioning them off again. The asphalt is free. Do we
want to raise the grandstand prices? Raise pit fees? Pit stalls are optional.
IMCA rules have changed. Make sure you know what the rules are. Read through the newspaper also.
Keep up on the rules. Steve Pierce is coming back as tech inspector. He stressed the seat belt thing. Get
them changed if he told you to.
Website. Does it need to be cleaned up? We can’t find information on it for the Enduro’s. They want
more Hall of Fame information on it also.
Brandon asked if anyone was interested in the Secretary position? Asked if anyone knew of anyone for
it. We have until Monday night. That is Jami’s last night. We have some people interested from a post
and will contact them and find someone if no one is interested.
Late Model purse. Do we want to sanction them NLRA? They were last year. There are 3 different purses
out there. We will look at the options and work on it.
Motion to adjourn made my Kory Hochsprung. Brock Beeter seconded it.
Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

10-7-19 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

All board members were in attendance.
One guest was in attendance.
The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.
The minutes from the September 30th, 2019 board meeting minutes were approved.
More planning for the October 19th, 2019 awards banquet occurred.
A motion was made to pay bills, it was seconded and approved.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:28pm. The motion was seconded and

Meeting Minutes 9-30-19


Meeting Minutes

All board members were present
One guest was in attendance
The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.
The minutes from the 9-9-19 meeting we’re approved.
The banquet will occur Saturday October 19th, 2019 at the NDSF with the social beginning at 5:00pm.
Bills were presented and approved to be paid.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and it was approved at 9:32pm. 

Meeting Minutes 9-9-19


Meeting Minutes

9-9-19 Website Minutes

 All but one board member was in attendance.

 One guest was in attendance.

 The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

 The minutes from the August 27th, 2019 board meeting were approved.

 Bills were presented and approved to be paid.

 Planning / brainstorming of the banquet occurred.

 A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm. The motion was seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

 The next meeting will be Monday September 16th, 2019 at the track to finish take-down.