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Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

Sunday, October 30, 2022


1 member absent.



Motion and second to approve General Meeting minutes from October 2021. Motion carried.  


General Meeting Topics

  1. State of the Track
  • The big water truck will need major repairs. The tank and baffles are rusted out. American Truck and Trailer gave a cost of $13,000 for a DOT approved tank and labor costs of $5,000.
  • The Bud Light truck is unusable. The rear end needs to be replaced, the cab is completely rusted out, brakes need to be replaced as well as the steering.
  • New red, yellow, greens lights were replaced at turns one and four. Lights could be replaced at turns two and three but face away from the track.
  • Roy Miller has been working on the track the last few weeks to fix the drainage issues, and has been adding clay/dirt to improve the shape and driving surface. The clay was donated from a building site in town. To date, 40 loads have been delivered with at least another 30 loads to come.
  • Question was asked if there was going to be a barrier installed between turns three and four.
  • The barrier on the back straight away will be moved out 10-15 feet from the pit area.
  • Of the two rule changes implemented, only one was used this race season.
  1. Financial Report
  • Reporting of the year’s financials was presented for discussion.
  • Improvements/purchases from the last three years was presented.
  • Eliminated the marketing position which was a huge cost savings. The board as a whole took on this effort.
  • Have been relying on volunteers which has greatly improved the financials for the club.
  • Communication is key to improve attendance in order to keep revenue coming in.
  1. Class Discussion
  • Tentative 2023 race schedule was presented.
  • Reminder to the members that Nodak has four full time classes, two part time classes and specialty classes that are schedule 1-4 times a season.
  • Suggestion to add a sling shot class.
  1. Elections
  • There are four open positions on the Executive Board – President, Secretary, two board members. Floor open to nominations as follows:
    • President
      • Nomination and second for Roy Miller.
      • Nomination and second for Justin Medler.
    • Motion and second to close president nominations.
    • Votes counted and confirmed. Results are 24 votes for Justin Medler, 11 votes for Roy Miller.
    • Secretary
      • Nomination and second for Colleen Bertsch. There were no other nominations.
      • Motion and second to close secretary nominations.
    • 2 Year Board Position
      • Nomination and second for Scott Joern. There were no other nominations.
      • Motion and second to close 2 year board position.
    • 1 Year Board Position
      • Nomination and second for Chris Tuchsherer. There were no other nominations.
      • Motion and second to close 1 year board position.
    • Motion and second to destroy ballots. Motion carried.


Next Meeting

The next General Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 1:00 pm.  


Meeting Adjournment

Motion and second to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.