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Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

Sunday, April 21, 2023


All present.


Meeting Call to Order

Current president called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.



Motion and second to approve General Meeting minutes from October 22, 2023. Motion carried.  


General Meeting Topics

  1. Fire extinguishers will be required in the race trailers in the pits. Checks on all pit trailers will be done the first two weeks of racing and randomly thereafter for the entire season.
  2. Safety prechecks will be done on practice day and opening night.
  3. Transponders will not be rented out this year. The club has a few that will be available to use if a racer’s transponder quits during the races.
  4. New mascot suit has been ordered and should be here prior to the season ending.
  5. There is a traveling fund for Sport Compacts. Racers are required to attend all scheduled races at Bottineau, Mandan, Underwood and Minot to qualify and purse will be awarded at season end.
  6. Memberships are being tracked through a jot program through Square. Physical cards will still be given out.
  7. Drivers need to pay for pit stalls no later than opening night.
  8. State of the track.
    • The board will be discussing the purchase of an additional tractor at Tuesday’s meeting on April 23, 2024.
    • New sheepsfoot was given to the club, thanks to the efforts of Wayne Johnson.
    • Schatz water truck has been repaired.
    • Second water truck is in bad shape. Decision will be made on whether to repair or buy new. There is an upcoming auction and the board will look into the possibility of getting one there.
    • Versatile has had work done on it.
    • Cultivator needs to be repaired. The State Fair has offered their assistance. The board will have Jeff Barta work with them to do the repairs.
  9. Championship night will be June 30, 2024.
  10. Practice will be 12-6 on April 28, 2024.
  11. The Monte Lundy family will be sponsoring a memorial race and will provide the purse for the modifieds.
  12. A suggestion was brought to the board that trophies be awarded to drivers who finish 3rd through 10th place. Recognition will be given to those drivers at the year-end banquet.
  13. Financials were presented.
  14. Hot pits have a sponsor this year.
  15. The board addressed a rumor that the Sport Compact class is being eliminated. The class is not being eliminated and, in fact, the club held a raffle to give away a sport compact car so that this would entice new driver participation. Thanks to Krys Yost for providing the car. The board also extended a thank you to all sport compact car families for their continued support of the class. Raffle proceeds will go toward the slingshot class.
  16. Party in the pits will be discussed at the next regular board meeting.
  17. Question posed on the profit vs. non-profit status of Nodak Racing Club. The club is not a charitable organization, and since there are no shareholders and no members are paid, the club is considered a non-profit by the State of North Dakota. The club does file the proper tax forms and pays both federal and state taxes annually.
  18. State Fair is looking to pave the pit area in 2-3 years.
  19. Technicians are in place and will let the club know what they require. The club is looking to build a flat area for inspections.
  20. Staging lane is being worked on and is about half done.
  21. Rear bumpers on mods and sport mods need to be pulled out so that the wreckers can easily hook on to cars when needed.
  22. HOF needs donations for the Hall of Fame Wall that has been designed. The wall will be located under the grandstand. Kadi Ruby has been working the NDSF.
  23. The deadline to submit information and bios for the yearbook is the second week of May.


Next Meeting

The next General Board meeting will be October 20, 2024.  


Meeting Adjournment

Motion and second to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.