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10-1-18 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2018 Board Meeting Sleep Inn
One board member was absent.
No guests in attendance.
Meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.
Motion was made to approve the September 24, 2018 meeting minutes. It was approved.
Enduro. Discussion on paying the people who helped for them. It helps us out a lot. Discussion on
getting more transponders to rent out. Motion was made to pay Kory Hochsprung, Lenny Krebs, and
Deb Chapman for their work on both Enduros. It was approved.
Finalizing trophies this week.
Meeting with Fair about the banquet and finishing the stuff from the Fair.
Discussion on banquet items. Getting items for the banquet.
Posting on Facebook and sending out post cards for the general members meeting after the banquet.
We are winterizing the equipment this week.
There were no bills this week.
Motion was made to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 8:21 pm.
Next meeting will be Monday, October 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Sleep Inn.

General Membership Minutes 2-11-18


Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2018 General Meeting Minutes
Location: NDSF Executive Room
Attendance: See sign in sheet.
Brandon Beeter called the meeting to order at 1:04 pm.
Derek made a motion to approve the October 22, 2017 meeting minutes. Seconded by Steve Pierce. It
was approved.
Brandon asked if there were any additions to the agenda. Rule changes by Steve Pierce. Kristy Folstad
has a couple of things to talk about. Deb wants to discuss the schedule and a couple of other things.
Inside barrier of the race track.
Financial Report. Right now we have $23,500 in the bank. This time last year we had $55,000 in the
bank. We are working with an accountant. We are trying to itemize everything so we know what is
paying for what. By cutting a couple of classes a couple of nights this year and by doing so it saves us
$21,000. We lost money every night last year. There are not enough people in the stands anymore and
the back gate isn’t covering itself. We need more people in the grandstand. Its happening all over the
country. We have 800 people in the stands roughly every night. We need to have 950 in the stands Ron
Huettl said to make money.
What’s the difference from last year to other years? 10,000 people left Minot in 2017. We are open to
suggestions. We are working on a new contract with Adam. He is going to bring Kristy Folstad on to work
under him. It will be incentive based. If he sells more he will get more. We changed the marketing for
Wild about Wheels this year. We did a good job at marketing the car show. This is the last year of the
Wild about Wheels car show. Wild about Wheels is trademarked in Massachusetts already. We changed
the marketing this year for the show. We cut the budget in half. We used the money differently this year
and it was better. This year we changed it up more. We changed the marketing director 3 times in the
last 3 years so it was hard to know what we need to change. AJ Lizotte asked based on last year what are
we doing differently? Adam is going to change some things. We are going to sell tickets online. The
website is changing also. We would like to see more interaction with the fans/drivers and sponsors.
Ticket system is going to change. The tickets can have sponsor information on them now as well. Terry
Faul said to talk to Scott Bintz at Jamestown to get some ideas from him. We are going to prioritize
everything and see what resources we have and how effectively to use them.
Kristy Folstad would like to see more things from the drivers for the kids. Bring old tin up signed and she
will give it away. She would like to do more meet and greets with the fans a half hour before the races
also. Need racers to help bring in the fans. If you have hero cards get them to Kristy and she will give
them to kids also. She would like to have activities for the racers as well.
Deb Chapman asked about going away with live broadcasting on regular race nights. Brandon said we
could try it. Maybe have them pay 2 days later. They heard there is a local bar the shows the races every
Sunday. That is hurting us on how many people are going up there. Kristy is on the fence about that. She
would like to watch her husband race who is in Arizona right now. Fans are going to come if they can.
But there are too many fans already doing it. DarnTV has given back to Nodak also. Do we want to make
a black/white marketing plan with DarnTV? Can we black out 75 miles? There is no full proof way to do

it. It does help out of towners. What if we record races and show they on Monday? There is also Mason
who posts them for free after the races. There are 10 garage parties going on race nights. We need to
figure out how to build the brand with the live racing. What is the effective way to do it? Can we make
an agreement between Nodak and DarnTV? Any sport that is live broadcasted is huge. We want to make
it beneficial for all of us. Someone will do Facebook live if DarnTV doesn’t broadcast the races.
If the racing is so good then they should come and see it live. People’s time is precious now. What about
having a Nodak commercial at intermission time? Estevan sold advertising to run replays. They can’t do
commercials. Adam said that the announcers could say something because they are heard through the
headset. We have to make work what we have. DarnTV averages 35 a night. We don’t know how many
people are watching at other places. Scott Joern asked if Nodak needs DarnTV or does DarnTV need
Nodak? We are lucky to have Brandon on our side. He will work with us. Its nice in the pits to watch it in
the trailer so you can work on car and also see results. Live broadcast is here to stay. We need to find a
way to make it work for us. Can we ask people if they could come would they? If we ask who is watching
are they going to be honest? Can we tell where they live? Yes by their zipcode. Can we see who is out of
state? Kadi Ruby said what happens if I’m buying it for my grandma in Arizona? We can build the brand
with Nodak. Where is the money going? Gain back some fans? They may come back with wow factor.
How can DarnTV become asset to Nodak? Some people find it more convenient at home. M&S prices.
What has DarnTV done for Nodak? They bought the ley ley and donated purse money. Adam would like
a contract with DarnTV. Do we want a percent of what he brings in? Ron Huettl said that 1250 is the
best attendance. We don’t know what freebie attendance is. Adam is changing the ticketing system.
Nodak would like a contract with DarnTV. If anyone has a sponsor send them to Adam. Let him do his
job. We want to make sure we have an itemized budget so the income matches the expenses. We would
like a contract with DarnTV and decide what we are going to use the money for. We want to know what
DarnTV is paying for. Have it based off of numbers that way. If DarnTV is live or not someone will. We
have control with DarnTV. Maybe we want the price higher for live? Do we want to charge more? Its $13
to go the races. Maybe $50 for a regular night? And a portion goes back to Nodak. Would it make people
go to the races? Maybe make a deal with the bars. Someone far away shouldn’t have to pay that much.
It may make them upset. If we raise it to much we may lose people.
Adam has use of DarnTV videos for anything. Brandon is donating for free. Adam can go through it and
use what he wants. Dirty Weekly will run all summer. Who’s job is it to promote Nodak? All of us. Share
videos on Facebook and we like that. Brandon wants to keep broadcasting and promote Nodak. Can we
do one week of broadcasting and the next week not? No way to judge the weather and things. Stuff can
Estevan is playing on a public access for free. Ron said that someone blasts us on Facebook and it needs
10 positives to make it better. If we make the racing better will that help? Other tracks don’t hear about
it. We are the last track of the week so everything is magnified.
Rocks. That is a problem. We have had a rock night in the past and 15 said they would come and only
the board members showed up. Can we do it on Sunday at 5:00 maybe? If we work the track more to
get more moisture and then the rocks come up with moisture. We want to make racing better. We want
more people into the stands. Rocks do get into the stands. Rocks effect the stands and the car count. If
we pick rocks will we get a tacky tracks? We can’t guarantee it. We opened up the track during Motor

Magic. There were lots of dents. Can we wind row them? We always pick rocks. They are a constant
problem. Need to find a happy medium.
Are we opposed to commission with Darn TV? Brandon is ok with it. Can the board put together a plan
for DarnTV? Yes. We will make a contract for DarnTV. DarnTV owns the video rights for the race track.
Percent of DarnTV is maybe an option.
We use to have vendors in the middle of the track 15 years ago. They use to pay a flat fee to be there.
Do we want to go this way again?
Brandon said we are trying to make Nodak the best it can be. Brandon spoke with Mason. Mason should
be able to do it. Mason should be able to be there. Adam and the board are making a contract with
DarnTV. Before 2018 we would like to contract with DarnTV. There are 50,000 people in Minot. How do
we get more people in the stands? All tracks are having issues. No negative. Adam brings things to the
board and come up with something to turn it around. How can drivers help? Try to make it work that
doesn’t cost money. We need more man power. Bring ideas to Adam. Ask everyone to help. People love
watching drivers. Want to see a show. It’s the same old thing. They want to see drama and action. Do
we want to bring claim back? We lost something when we moved out of the middle of the pits. We lost
some entertainment value. 95% of the people have enclosed trailers. Troy Bertsch said that the trophy
race was fun to watch and not many stayed for it. It was different and exciting. We are bringing back the
dash for cash. We are working on a sponsor for it. Do we need to fabricate rivalries? Don’t’ want to get
out of hand though. Kristy said we should do a dash for cash for the bottom 10 drivers. It would be good
for them. What about a fan vote for the top 10 drivers? What about a calcutta? They are illegal. We
Start time. Did 6:00 hurt or help? Its fine in May but not in June and July. Is two start times confusing?
Maybe 6:30? People don’t want to see heats. Crowd gets better as racing goes on. If we start later we
don’t want to be there until 11:30 pm. We are dropping some classes in June. If we start later we may
get more moisture. A good show can be done in 2 hours then. There are no young people involved. If we
do no hot laps then maybe we could open up the pits for a half hour so kids can wander around. After
the races everyone puts things away so there is nothing to see. Its late also. How cleat the pits out?
Make it mandatory that they are gone at the pit meeting? $5 to get into the pits half hour before the
races. Lindsay Lawson said make it special and don’t do it every night.
Robby said we are looking to buy a bus for the track also.
7:00 pm has better moisture. The sun may be an issue for a little bit. Track prep is the issue. We tried
6:00/7:00 in 2016. Its hot at 5:00/6:00 and sun dries the track out. The surface is dry and if we farm it
brings the rocks up. People want 6:00 but don’t want the dust. They want the track smooth. 7:00 we
don’t know if tis going to not have dust. The sun dries out the dirt. The top inch sealed over. We are
looking for input. Motor Magic had moisture but it was rougher and it was a 7 1⁄2 program. Changed track
prep at Motor Magic. Farm, farm, ley ley, water. Kept it wet. The rocks come up then. They loved the
racing but hated getting hit by rocks. Can we pick rocks at 5:00? No one will be there then. What about
picking rocks on Tuesday nights? Why are people not coming? Dust or start time? Dust is an issue. Race
track was better at Motor Magic. That was an earlier start time even. If we drop a couple of classes then
its possible to do a 2 hour show. We did it 2 years ago. We don’t want to cut features. No one is happy
with that. They want a show.

There has always been a time limit. 6:00 allows for the unforseen. 7:00 doesn’t have much of a buffer.
There is chance on anything on how long it will be. There are lots of what ifs. 7:00 is going to be better
track wise. An earlier start is not feasible. We are planning on starting at 6:00 the first month to get
things figured out. 7:00 will take effect after the month of May. Better track will get more cars and more
fans. It will take time to get there though. Do we want to do 6:30? Fans will be out earlier that way. May
all classes are running together but not in June. Some fans will come all the time. The die hards about
600 of them. Does the 2 different start times get confusing? We can use the phone alerts to inform
everyone. It needs to be on the poster also. Lets take a straw pole between 6:00 and 7:00. It was an
equal vote for both.
Schedule. Deb Chapman asked why we are having Sprints and Late Models when we can’t pay our
workers? We are dropping the Mods and Stocks the night the Late Models are here. That will save us
$8,000. We are trying to promote bigger names with getting the NLRA guys here to get more fans. The
grandstand is always worse in August.
Infield Barrier. Yuke tires are what are normally used. We have a berm at the bottom. Do we need to
have tires there? What race around? The berm is ok if we soak it. Do we want to bury tires? Do we want
jersey barriers in 3 and 4? Well inside? We have the start of them on one end. We need a bunch more if
we want them all connected. What kind of tires? Some get so hard they rip off an oil pan.
Plan to meet at track in April and work on it. Are race tires big enough? We need a barrier. We aren’t out
much if we don’t like it and pull them out. Ron said race tires aren’t big enough. There wouldn’t be
enough sticking out of the ground. Need bigger tires. Jersey barriers? Maybe moving them out? Putting
guardrail back out on back straightaway or finding more jersey barriers? What is the goal? Jersey
barrier? What size. 32″? Can’t see cars around the jersey barriers. What is the barrier going to do to a
car though? Brandon prefers to do something else. Yuke tires will wreck cars also. Maybe tires or a
berm. Berm won’t cost us anything. Tires we could make work for us.
Pit Fees/Car Registration. You heard our bank information. Right now its $25 for a member and $35 for a
nonmember. Dickinson does driver pays more then the pitmen. Would it hurt going to $30? What doing
with car registration? We are seeing what everyone thinks about it. Are we doing away with plus one?
The plus one will get a grandstand season pass. That makes sense to us. What about a one time car
registration? We are looking for options. What about a booster night? Do 2 1⁄2 booster nights? We don’t
want to raise pit fees.
How many years can we go like this? We are putting on entertainment? Approach M & S? Their hands
are tied Lindsay Lawson said. There is nothing they can do. Are they aware we are going to be gone
soon? We met with M & S 3 times last year explaining what’s going on. They have a contract with the
fair board. Kraig/Renae listen. Are they aware how financially strapped we are? No don’t know. We have
a meeting coming up with them. What if we do something before the races for the fans? Is that
allowed? It needs to be okayed with M & S.
Are we going to schools? Bring tickets to schools? Cars to schools? Last year we gave away 12,000 kids
tickets. We got 600 back. HighAir ground had a great turn out last year. How do we get cars to all the
schools in the area? We can try to make a coordinated effort to get cars there. Need racers to adopt a
school. Need to have fans and drivers interact. We can’t do ride alongs. Insurance won’t cover extra
things. We need adults in the stands. Want all cars to track. Bring cards to track also.

Rules. Steve Pierce said nothing big changes. Safety is the big one. Make sure your helmet is newer then
2005. Those are illegal this year. We have to enforce it.
Hall of Fame. Kadi Ruby said we have a new procedure we are starting some this year and the rest next
year. There will be a committee for it now. It will renew every year. We will induct 1-2 people a year
now. New process will be on the website and on Facebook shortly. There is still a fan vote.
Requirements did change a little going forward. Nominating will happen in December and the Voting will
happen in July.
Adam is changing from a Nodak employee to a contractor now.
Isaac Sondrol made a motion to adjourn. Steve Pierce seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 3:23 pm.

Meeting Minutes 9-17-18


Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2018 Board Meeting Sleep Inn
Present: Bob, Jami, Robby, Adam, Stu, Brandon
Absent: Dale
Guests: Kristy Folstad, Kadi Ruby
Brandon called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.
Stu made a motion to approve the September 10, 2018 meeting minutes. Bob seconded. It was
Marketing. Adam is working on the card to hand out for donation items. KR is MCing. No go on
Hornaday coming as of now. Kevin Rogers would like some information to do a video for the banquet.
Adam is going to talk to him. What should we do with tickets? Can we do advance? Should we do
advance at $25 and $30 at the door? Let’s do $30 all the way around. Posting on Facebook also.
Yearbooks. There are some people looking at making them. We didn’t have a track photographer this
year. We had no volunteers to put it together either. They don’t understand what a chore it is. Brandon
isn’t opposed to it. We just aren’t willing to help.
Raffle. We are going with cash this year. Brandon suggested $600-$300-$100. We did about $1000 for
the items we purchased last year and in years past. How many tickets do we want to sell? How much?
$10? $25? How many do we want to do? 200 tickets at $10 each what going with.
There is a benefit for Charlie Theobald. He has some rare disease. Wondering if we can do something for
it. Hats/shirts/tickets for 2019 season? Bob made a motion to donate 2 hats/2 shirts/and 2 tickets for
the 2019 season for the Charlie Theobald benefit. Seconded by Robby. It was approved.
Need to pick up the stands from Marketplace Foods. Adam will grab them.
Donation plan for this year. Look at the list from last year and see what sold. What should we do for
parts. Should we do the same. Last year we did $500 to Sebo, $500 to Trackside, and $1000 to
Motorsports Warehouse. Do we want to spend more this year with Motorsports Warehouse? Do we
want bigger stuff for the live auction? Those things went better. What about gift certificates? Products
sell better then gift certificates. Adam will email the list of auction items to all of us. Everyone has to
have a ticket this year when they come to the banquet. Some will just come after the food and not pay
to get in. They should come and support the club. If they don’t pay to come in then we won’t have a
race track anymore. Don’t they get that? They won’t have a bid number if they don’t come and eat. They
have to have a ticket to bid. We pay $11 per plate. Do we want to do a bidder card for $15 for those that
don’t eat. Let them in and enjoy themselves.
Championship shirts. Do the top 10 in points. Do a gross for them. Need to get the top 10 to him.
Special shirts. If we do 50 shirts they are $25 a shirt. They would have all the champions on it. He would
like us to type it all up for him. If we do 75 shirts would the price go down?
Hall of Fame shirts. These shirts will go over very well. Stu can type up all the information for him. We
need bigger sizes in these? How do we want them to look? Current inductees on the front or just Hall of
Fame on the front and all inductees on the back. They can’t be reserved. They will sell fast. Do we want

to do a gross for the hall of fame also? It doesn’t make sense to just do 40. It’s the same price. We can
do it that we only have this many and then say we ordered more and have a special for them later. Like
a Black Friday deal. Buy a 2019 grandstand pass and get a free one of a kind hall of fame shirt with it. He
would like stuff to him this week to get started. Maybe we do all 3 grosses? Will he do $10.50 per shirt if
we type them up for him? Robby is checking on it.
Jackets. We do them for championship and the runner up. The hall of fame jackets are $80 from Stevik.
That is where we use to go. They have all our logos. Do we want to do volunteer jackets? Getting
information for them. Dakota Trackside use to pay for them and the trophies. We got nothing from
them last year. Who sponsor jackets? Adam may have someone. AC Delco may do it. Maybe split cost
with them? His jacket would be on the back of the jacket. Maybe add in money for the jackets in the
class sponsorship also.
Trophies. Ordering from Lowe’s? Do we want to have Stu wrap them? We will run out of time if we do
too much. Who is going to do the extra stuff? Adam is going to look into trophies and plaques and get
them ordered.
Auction. Milt is doing the auction. Kristy may have a helper that can work the crowd better. We give
them 2 season passes and let them in to banquet for free. Clint would like to do it again. We’ve went
with Milt the last couple of years. Brandon is willing to make changes but is worried about the after. We
may get more money out of stuff by using a different auctioneer. Banquet is good to help make money
for the club. Kristy said its nice when the work together and bounce things off of each other. We don’t
want to upset Milt. Brandon will talk to Clint also. Milt/Clint is a pride thing. They love doing it for
Nodak. Maybe we can alternate between the 2. This year Milt and next Clint. Clint may have more
Jim Grote wants to run for the board. He would like symmetry between us and the flat track. He needs
to be a member in good standing for a year before he can be on the board. We can maybe meet with
him once a month for Motor Magic. He is getting application to us. We can make him a member but he
can’t be on the board for 1 year. He could come to meetings.
Do we want to up the amount we are spending on parts? We aren’t getting anything from Napa this
year. Looking at upping race car parts. Seat belt sets are an option. Look at sheets and see what sold
well. Bob, Robby, and Brandon are putting a list together. Robby would like to up Motorsports
Warehouse to $1500. We need to approve that kind of spending.
Motor Magic came out ahead but not by a lot.
Hall of Fame. Kadi said that she is going with the same jackets. They will be $80 or more depending on
what they get on them. We are only offering 1 for Lori Conway. The trophies will be the same. Robby
made a motion to approve Kadi’s Hall of Fame proposal. Bob seconded. It was approved.
Annual 2Strong award. Kadi would like to see the award started. The family likes the idea. It can be
anyone at the race track. Who decides? Conway family would pick it. They would have to choose it and
not have it voted on. It just becomes a popularity contest otherwise. Maybe we could do it like Trinity
does the Daisy award. You anonymously fill out a form about a nurse. The Conway family could go over
them and choose who to pick. There is still lots to iron out. Ron Huettl is a great example of who should
get it. He is a hard worker and he doesn’t look for someone to pat him on the back. If we vote on it we

can’t take part in it. We will work with the Conway family on it. They are a very neutral family. They
won’t be biased. We would stay out of it this way. We approve them to create the award. Its something
Robbie would have done. The Conway’s would meet and decide who wins and let us know. The 2strong
person of the year would be. It has a better impact doing it this way. If get Hall of Fame shirts can the 2
new inductees get one each? Yes.
Robby is checking on volunteer jackets.
Do we want to do something for Kraig for the plaques?
Need to discuss Wild about Wheels name change.
Bills. Too Dark Motorsports $100 (banner), Verizon $71.92 (cell phone). Robby made a motion to pay the
bills. Stu seconded. It was approved.
Positions. President, Secretary, 2 year term and 1 year term are all up for re-election this year.
Robby made a motion to adjourn. Bob seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.
Next meeting will be Monday, September 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Sleep Inn.

Meeting Minutes 9-10-18


Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2018 Board Meeting Sleep Inn
One board member was absent.
Three guests were in attendance.
Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.
Motion was made to approve the August 28, 2018 meeting minutes. It was approved.
Motor Magic attendance. Enduro was 639. Saturday was 1178. Sunday was 1361.
Discussion on the incident with the #70 Hobby stock. He yelled at an official and went into someones pit
stall. We were under IMCA rules. Discussion on out options. Do we need to have an all class meeting to
talk to them? Motion was made to DQ Caden Appelt for the second night of Motor Magic and put him
on probation for the 2019 season for his actions that night. Motion carried.
Steve Pierce will have his end of year report soon. Doing pre-inspections he noticed that there were 35
in 2017 with belts older then 2 years and in 2018 there were 52 with belts older then 2 years. Using
older belts is dangerous. They can pull apart. We can make them replace them. We will make a public
safety announcement that if we deem the belts unusable then they won’t be racing.
Discussion on shirts for the banquet. Ordering championship shirts and looking into unique shirts also.
Discussion on awards. We will get them ordered for the banquet.
Bills were presented and paid.
Motion was made to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 9:18 pm.
Next meeting will be Monday, September 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Sleep Inn.