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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 13, 2024


All present, none absent, two guests.



The January 30, 2024 minutes were presented and accepted as written by motion.


Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was presented for discussion and review. There are no bills to approve. uberHuber


Business to Discuss 

  1. The vice president of Dakota Cruisers attended the meeting. Their club will be participating in the Minot Car and Trade Show in April. They have begun promoting the show within their club and hope to have 50 cars to show. Participants do not need to be members of the Dakota Cruisers to show a car. Move in will take place Friday at 9:00 am prior to the start of the show on Saturday.
  2. The HOF induction process changes have been reviewed by the board. Motion and second to accept proposed changes, and keep the voting at 75%. Motion carried.
  3. Kadi Ruby would like to start planning the 75th Anniversary of Nodak Speedway.
  4. Memberships for the 2024 season need to be tracked better going forward. The board has a volunteer who has come up with a way to track this through square.
  5. There are two people who will be able to assist in the pit trailer so far.
  6. Sponsorships to date were reviewed.
  7. Notifications for the general meeting need to be sent out early April.
  8. Sign boards need to be looked at and signs made for new sponsors.
  9. Radio ads need to be booked. Radio stations will be contacted.
  10. The Ward County Sheriff’s Department has been given the race schedule so they can get security scheduled those nights.
  11. The board donated tickets to South Prairie School for their fundraiser.


Next Meeting

The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 7:00 pm at the Clarion.


Meeting Adjournment

Motion and second to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.