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Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2021 – Board Meeting 

All board members present plus 4 guests

A motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous board meeting. The motion was seconded and approved by the board.

Financials were discussed.
A motion was made to approve the presented bills. The motion was seconded and approved by the board. It was suggested that the club prepay Verizon and SRT for the off season. This will save the club accounting costs. Motion carried.

Motor Magic was held September 3-5. Attendance was at 2462 spectators for the weekend with Friday night having the lowest attendance.

Discussion continued on the track dirt replacement. Brandon Beeter, Jeff Barta and Spencer Wilson presented ideas on how to accomplish this and solicited input from other board members and attendees

1. A discussion was held with regard to gift cards for the volunteers. This matter has been tabled to the next meeting.

2. Colleen Bertsch has been appointed interim Secretary due to the resignation of Jess Knudson.

3. Election meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, October 24th at 2:00 pm. Brandon will put together the agenda to be included on the post cards. BHG will print them out.

4. Year End Awards and Car Show – April 23rd & 24th are available. Practice Day is May 1st in the afternoon with opening night racing later that evening. Motion by the board. Motion carried.

The next Executive Board meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

Motion to adjourn, approved