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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


All members present. No guests.



The September 13, 2022 minutes were presented and accepted as written by motion.


Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was presented for discussion and review. A motion was made and second to approve bills. Motion carried.


Old Business

  1. Business radio licensing needs to be renewed prior to May 2023. Brandon will call on this to confirm the number of radio frequencies prior to making payment.
  2. Turn Nodak Pink
  • Brandon is in contact with Dusty at the foundation. As soon as we receive the large check, a time will be scheduled for the presentation.


New Business

  1. Hall of Fame
    • With regard to the 50/50 weekly raffle, going forward whoever is volunteering at the table will need to fill out the supplied deposit slips. The Nodak treasurer will recount the money prior to depositing. This will ensure that money is double checked each week.


  1. 2021 Class Champions
    • A motion and second to order jackets for the 2021 class champions and runners-up. Motion carried.
    • Championship shirts will be ordered for the souvenir trailer.
  2. Memberships
    • Board approved two individuals who would like to join as members. They will be able to vote at the upcoming elections.
  3. Banquet
    • The souvenir trailer will be pulled out of the building and set up at the banquet to sell off the remaining inventory.
    • We will need an emcee for the banquet.
    • Discussion was held with regard to doing a silent auction. Some members of the board will reach out to businesses to see if they would be willing to donate items.
  4. Darn TV
    • Brandon brought viewership numbers for the last three years for the board to review.


Next Meeting

The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 7:00 pm at Kelly’s shop.


Meeting Adjournment

Motion and second to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.