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Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 14, 2022


1 member absent, 2 guests



The October 24, 2022 minutes were presented and accepted as written by motion.


Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was presented for discussion and review. A motion was made and second to approve bills. Motion carried.


Old Business

  1. Business radio licensing needs to be renewed prior to May 2023. The frequency has not changed and the renewal will be paid.
  2. Turn Nodak Pink
  • Brandon is in contact with Dusty at the foundation. Check presentation will be scheduled soon.
  1. Track Prep Update
  • Roy Miller updated the board on the track progress. Work to be completed is as follows:
    • Drain field work between corners two and four needs to be completed. Recommendation is to maintain a 10 foot drain field outside the wall that connects to the race surface.
    • Presently, each corner measures 85 feet. The track will be widened to accommodate the drain field and race surface entering each corner for a total surface of 95 feet.
    • All four corners will be equal.
    • Work on the wall on the south end needs to be completed.
    • Back straight away entrance grade is not correct and needs to be worked.
    • The wheel packer had a lug nut come loose and the tire came off. Needs a wheel, two tires and hub. Aiden will get pricing for repairs and the building will be checked for any tires and hub that we may have.
    • Aiden will fix the wench on the white wrecker.
    • Cultivator blew a hydraulic hose and needs to be repaired.
  1. Roy Miller presented a proposal for a Harvest Nationals Race to be held Labor Day weekend.
    • Motion and second to table discussion to the next meeting. Motion carried.
  2. Banquet Update
  • The banquet was well attended.
  1. Spring Car Show
  • Show has been scheduled for April 22 and 23, 2023.
  • Scouts will be contacted again to participate.
  • Mud racers would like to participate as well.


New Business

  1. QR Code Reader at Entrance
    • Need to look at downloading an app to scan the Minot Deals QR Code to ensure they are valid.
  2. Thank You Letters
    • Two complimentary 2023 race admission tickets will be included to the past season’s sponsors and businesses who donated to the banquet.
  3. 2023 Tickets
    • Scott Joern is getting the 2023 tickets printed so that they will be ready to sell for the Holidays and the Spring Car Show. The club will distribute kids tickets to each Minot elementary school, middle school, high school as well as area schools.
      • Grandstand Passes
      • Pit Passes
      • Kids Passes
      • Adult Passes
    • Need to push our local drivers to adopt a neighborhood school to display their cars.
  4. Water Truck Purchase
    • Purchased a truck out of Gwinner. Need to arrange for a pick up. Check is ready for payment.


Next Meeting

The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 5, 2023 at 7:00 pm at Kelly’s shop.


Meeting Adjournment

Motion and second to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.