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Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2021 –  Board Meeting

All members present, no guests

The November 29, 2021 Minutes were presented and accepted as written by motion.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented for discussion and review. A motion was made to approve payment of bills. Motion carried.

Topless Race Night

• Event will be scheduled for Monday, May 30th.
• Classes will include sport mod, A mod, compact and hobby stock.
2022 Race/Class Dates
• Schedule was presented for discussion. The 2022 schedule will be similar to what was run in 2021.
• Motion made to hold the Enduro on Sunday, August 7th. Motion approved
Military Appreciation Night has been scheduled for Sunday, May 29th – Memorial Day weekend.

The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for January 10, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the Clarion.

Motion to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.