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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

All members present, 3 guests

The July 5, 2022 minutes were presented and accepted as written by motion

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s Report was presented for discussion and review. A motion and second by to approve pending bills. Motion carried.

Enerbase still owes the club money from ticket sales from Memorial Day weekend. An invoice will be sent as a reminder.

Old Business
Business radio licensing needs to be renewed prior to May 2023. Brandon will call on this to confirm the number of radio frequencies prior to making payment.

Dakota Truck and Farm replied on the water tanks with prices for a 3200 gallon tank, a 3500 gallon tank and a 4400 gallon tanks. A quick estimate of $20,000 was given to replace the existing tank.

New Business
Mod Tour recap
The night went well and the features put on a good show.
There was some disagreement with track prep and as a consequence, we may have lost the volunteer track crew.
Motion and second to pay Nick Hulberg $150 for assisting with the Mod Tour. Motion carried.

State Fair Parade
Purchased the candy to toss at the parade.
Two vehicles are permitted under the parade registration. A car on a trailer will be pulled behind one vehicle and the Nodak sign will be pulled behind another.
Meet at Town & Country Shopping Center at 8:30 am on Saturday if you are interested in walking in the parade.

Demolition Derby
Sam Crowell attended the meeting to discuss the demolition derby to be held during the fair. Lance will be bringing two loaders and two skid steers to prep the track for the race.
Entrance and exit will be at the back gate.
Pit trailer will be parked inside the track near turn three. This is located near the go cart track.

Two classes will be run. Limited weld will pay out $3000, $1500, $750. Compact will pay out $1000 only. W-9’s will be collected from the winners.
Pit fees are $25 for non-drivers.
50 cars are registered for the two classes. Inspections will start at 8:00 am.

Equipment Update
The Bobcat blew a head gasket and will cost around $1800 for a new gasket and $1000 for labor. Jeff suggested that it be sold for parts. The club is leasing one from Swanston for the remainder of the race season.

A suggestion was made to look into leasing a water truck for the race season as opposed to replacing the water tank to see what the cost savings would be.

Volunteer Shortage
Found volunteers to help out at the last few races as the volunteer group that was helping out hasn’t been able to provide volunteers.

Next Meeting
The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the Clarion Hotel.

Meeting Adjournment
Motion and second to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.